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Hey there...

One of the most crucial things you must do when out in the club is to 'BRING THE PARTY'.

That means that you open conversations with women with a positive vibe that sucks them into your fun.

Well, here at RSD we practice what we preach (actually, we never preach, but you know what I mean).

As such, we have decided to BRING THE PARTY to you.

What does that mean?

It means we're sending the most experienced “In-Field” teacher of seduction on a world tour, hitting up city after city and speaking to YOU, live, in 100% FREE workshops.

With BRAND NEW MATERIAL, Jeffy is bringing the power of advanced social dynamics direct to your town. 

Across Four Continents: North America, South America, Europe And Australia.  

In this power-to-the-people-assault on the foundations of insecurity and fear, Jeffy will be waging war on weakness, loneliness, isolation and pain.

This GLOBAL EVENT will mark a fundamental departure in the history of the 'Dating Industry' as Jeffy exposes the core power dynamics of attraction.

You'll hear hilarious, brand new opening lines.

You'll hear ballsy, potent ways to sexually escalate an encounter.

You'll see the dominating presence of a REAL-LIFE master of social force.

And when it's finished, you'll be changed.

Why will you be changed?

Because you will have witnessed, LIVE, what it really means for a man to awaken his full seductive potential.  You'll be sucked into Jeffy's 'vibe' and, while there, you'll get glimpses inside yourself of the kind of man you could truly be.

That knowledge will inspire and empower you... but that's not all.

When you combine that insight with the breakthrough content and information you'll be getting here, you'll be able to hit that club, bar or coffee shop like a “hammer of awesome.”

So Get Ready For The Night

Freedom Reigns at:

And counting. 

Find your inner fire by getting the most advanced 'dating advice' anywhere on the surface of the earth.

Don't you miss it.

Don't you dare.

With Over 5320 Lives Changed So Far In Our Live Bootcamps, Over 10 000 FULLY Satisfied LIVE Audience Members... You Will Let Loose The Animal Cyclone!

Become a whirling vortex of unstoppable sexual presence as you are granted access to the mind of a man who's one consuming obsession for the last 5 years has been transforming the sexual success of guys JUST LIKE YOU.

Over two hours Jeffy will speak in depth on how to

  • Generate HARD attraction, fast
  • Start conversations with power and dominance
  • Make women break down sobbing with laughter and lust

In this free seminar, Jeffy is going to give you the tools to take your success with women to the maximum, in the shortest space of time humanly possible.

And he'll give you these tools... just as he has done for vast numbers of other guys, year after year after year...

...after year.  For the last NINE YEARS.

Jeffy will make this happen for you no matter what kind of results you've been getting (or not getting) up to now...

...and no matter how much you currently suck at getting eye-wateringly hot and classy “Super-Babes” to crave your attention. 

No matter how good you are, or how good you think you are, this friend of mine is going to reach into your mind and unlock a whole new level of seductive genius.

But be warned... This is not some weak rehash of old ideas.  This seminar is a SHOWCASE for our latest formulations for creating rapid sexual connections with those 'uber-hot' girls that every guy would kill to be with.

This is not the armchair psychology of a "wanna-be ladies man." 

This is also much, much more than a collection of lines and routines.

These are the visceral 'blitzkrieg-insights' that can only come from pushing the limits of seductive impossibility day in, day out... for years on end.

This seminar is not for the weak of heart.  But...

If you've got the guts to survive a brutally-honest self-image reality-check that will SHOCK you to the roots of your soul , you really can change your entire life.

Starting today.

Break Free Of Social Conditioning And Unshackle Your Masculinity

This seminar will be run by Jeffy 'Jlaix' Allen himself.

Jeffy's a guy who needs no introduction.  He's been proving the bold, RSD promise to supercharge your magnetic sexual capacity by transforming life after life, weekend after weekend, for year after year.

As a teacher, he can boast to being the most experienced live, 'in field,' high-pressure dating coach anywhere on the surface of the earth.

What that means is that for nine years now he's been going out practically EVERY WEEKEND and blowing the minds of paying customers with his see-it-to-believe it, 'jedi-level' skills with women, and ability to completely own any social environment.

What's even crazier is the fact that he's honed his ability to TRANSFER his 'out-of-this-world' abilities to a razor's edge.


That means that for NO COST, you are going to benefit directly from a priceless and totally unique resource...

Jeffy's unique ability to PROVE his ability to exert total social dominance women...

...and his unique ability to TEACH the power of social dominance itself.

Yes, Jeffy's been teaching guys who've never had a handle on their dating life, guys who are looking for that extra edge (and even complete seduction rookies) how to finally "break the code" on unleashing world-class magnetic attraction in their own social lives.

Almost every top dating coach you've ever heard of has sought out Jeffy's advice or tried to hire him... but we're glad to say he's turned them all down.

And I urge you to check out the long list of testimonials so you clearly understand what the stakes are for you.

Because the stakes are HUGE.

If you're not willing to DO WHAT IT TAKES to take advantage of this incredible FREE resource... you don't have what it takes to make it.

Most rookie seducers murder their chances of success before they even begin.

But the lucky ones -- and the smart ones -- figure out early that nothing good will ever happen until they take charge of their lives...

And you can do that right now if you're prepared to...

Discover How To Express Yourself In A Way That ATTRACTS... HARD and FAST

Very few people soldier through the damage needed to make the journey to total social dominance. 

Most guys get stuck in one of the many pitfalls along the way and let the dream die.

Too many guys 'settle' for a mediocre life.

Too many guys settle for the girl they 'think they can get' – and end up in unhappy relationships that no-one wants... not even the girl you 'settled for' (she deserves better).

But any man can unlock the power of their dormant masculinity.

Any man can rise above his past.

Any man can redeem himself.

And that's why this seminar could well be the deciding factor between whether you eventually 'make it' with women, or if you once the shortcuts are revealed to you... it's actually SIMPLE to quickly 'get it,' and hit that group of girls with the force of a tornado.

With even a small fraction of the secrets that we're revealing here (again, for FREE), you can instantly generate brilliant conversational hooks that grab attention, compel women to chase you...

...and convince girls that YOU are the man they're going home with.

And in case you were wondering?  The rumors are true: Life gets very exciting when the women finally start giving you ALL their attention.

But wait...

There's a question I'm sure has crossed your mind at one point or another.  We've all had our 'down moments' where we doubt ourselves. 

So you wouldn't be human if this question hadn't surfaced somewhere...

The question is this... can these shortcuts work for you?

All I can give you are the facts, which are as follows.

Jeffy's taught many stubborn idiots how to access the raw power inherent in authenticity, taking them from humiliating failure to stunning success... almost overnight.

And he's shown shy, frightened rookies (who can barely string a sentence together) how to quickly command the red-hot interest of the hottest women... and slaughter all competition.

The key points are these:

  • Jeffy has already helped thousands of guys of all shapes, sizes and experience profiles to get their social abilities together, both in terms of approaching women and "sealing the deal," for years, on every continent on earth.
  • You'll be taught LIVE... you'll be given personalized mentoring and also do-it-yourself "learn at home" options (so you can master all the basic skills, no matter what your personal style is).
  • We are GIVING this seminar away for NO COST.  That's right, you get to experience a REAL RSD INSTRUCTOR'S best advice... completely FREE.

So almost immediately, you can...

  • Flood your life with eager young women (no matter how dismal your efforts have been before)
  • Transform your daily life into a carnival of sexual abundance (no matter how long it's been since you got laid)
  • Crush your competition (even if you're competing against Casanova himself).


  • Take your social confidence... with ANY woman, in ANY situation... from zero to breathtaking success in the shortest amount of time humanly possible.

And it doesn't matter whether you're penniless, tongue-tied or look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Just get straight on this fact: Your life will NOT take off... until you get your innate sexual magnetism juiced up with the tested 'power formulas' and proven "classic" attraction secrets that ONLY this veteran pro can reveal to you.

Here's What I Have For You

This is a completely unique seminar, and we've never offered anything this valuable for FREE before.

It's also available on a VERY limited basis, because the venues we use have limited seating and the interest in RSD is immense.

We can only fit so many people in a room... so don't even think about putting this off.

In fact, if you're even hesitating for a moment on whether or not you're prepared to DO WHAT IT TAKES TO GET HERE... you need to seriously ask yourself if you've got the commitment needed to succeed.

Here is the you're eager to enter a 'whole new world' of sexual plenty.

We call it The “Pimp Your Personality Free Workshop"... and your seat in this seminar will allow you to get your mind CRAMMED with every essential tactic, skill, secret and strategy you need to get moving. (Your seat is waiting for you to reserve it.)

We're talking about LIVE mentoring by Jeffy...

  • ...Plus step-by-step blueprints and formulas for getting your own amazing results as fast as possible.
  • ...And killer examples of the best, coolest lines and comebacks that will leave her slack-jawed and sobbing with amazement...
  • ...AND constant real-world tips (from a master of quick-learning communication) you can use to reach .

This package includes the power-wisdom Jeffy has in his own 'game' (collected over 5 years of working on the front lines of seduction... tested, proven and endorsed by the most infamous masters of seduction on the planet.)

This is the EXACT stuff Jeffy, and all the RSD instructors use every day to demolish expectations and produce hardcore results over and over with the most beautiful women alive.

It's also TOTALLY FREE... and your seat is awaiting your reservation RIGHT NOW.

Here's A Small Taste Of The Power That Awaits You

It promises to be absolutely crazy:

  • The first 20 seconds give you an eye-popping opener you can use immediately! Imagine melting the coldest ice-queen into your doe-eyed groupie within seconds of your approach!
  • Be blown away by multiple “AH-HA” moments, allowing you to sidestep months of painful development and experience a brutally efficient onslaught of life-altering change.
  • Shoot your hardest questions at the man who's resolved them all… getting EXACTLY the answers you're looking for, and taking your abilities with women to new dimensions of power and control.
  • The hidden knowledge is broken down to a level of childlike simplicity (hammering the ability to magnetically attract women directly into your quivering brain).
  • Scorch your insecurities with this 'insecurity napalm,' igniting genuine self-esteem to roar inside you like a hurricane.  Soon, your presence alone will grab women and mesmerize them with integrity and dominance.
  • Witness the devastation this seminar will wreak on your self-doubtYour confidence will soar beyond expectations, making your mere presence a lightning-rod for super-hot babes.
  • This explosion of straight-from-the-trenches insight will shatter your success barriers with women. Your natural sexual magnetism will erupt from your core like a blistering volcano.

And that's not all.

This 'Seduction Onslaught' Will Force You Into Attraction Overload!

Taking it to the next level, Jeffy will drive your natural charisma to new heights with this withering hail of rock-solid seduction mindsets.

  • Your experience in this 'no-theory zone' guarantees only raw, result driven actions, rammed into your skull and forcing you to dizzying new heights of power and attraction.
  • You'll get up CLOSE and PERSONAL with the world's most envied, copied, despised and admired ‘Masters Of Seduction.’  This once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity will grant you insider access to fast-track your success.
  • The essence of your subconscious core will click into a higher level of attractive power when you encounter this ‘world-class seducer’ as a real, flesh and blood guy. With this alone,  your social confidence will skyrocket.
  • Jeffy brings his massive weight of experience to bear on your individual issues, vaporizing sticking points faster than a newborn bunny under an orbital laser cannon.
  • You'll meet scores of guys just like yourself… with the courage to change their lives.   These guys will be a priceless resource in the conquest of your innate magnetic power, as allies

and friends on your quest for self-mastery.

  • You'll discover why RSD has an unparalleled reputation for groundbreaking innovation.  Witness this 'results-first' mentality in action, and you'll be blasted into realizations that will accelerate you toward total confidence with women.
  • You’ll move beyond JUST learning how to get that girl with the pretty face, and into what you NEED to create magnetic social skills with all peopleattracting depth as well as beauty.
  • We will reveal the secrets to why RSD Instructors are so successful with women.  We'll describe what it is we’re doing... in meticulous, immediately usable detail for dramatic, instant results in your own dating life.
  • EXPOSED: The core secret of RSD's most experienced instructor… this is the one thing you need to cultivate above all else – get this dialed and you'll be riding high on a never-ending cascade of sexual abundance.
  • Discover the crucial importance of BREAKING FREE of static and outdated 'rules' and 'tactics' on how to seduce women… you'll catapult yourself to massive success, deploying the unstoppable power of your masculinity itself!
  • You'll be spoon-fed ironclad examples of 'thinking outside the box' by a world famous (and infamous) expert on the subject.  (after this, the chains of your social conditioning will disintegrate like vampires under the noonday sun.)
  • You’ll uncover HOW to embrace the hidden principles from Japan's most secretive martial art to transform shattering negatives into mind-blowing positives… with this new secret knowledge you'll learn how to exploit social obstacles to explode your attractiveness to women!

Nothing Tells Women That You're A Force Of Nature More Than A Visceral Presence That Smolders With Barely Hidden Lust

You'll soon realize that what you're experiencing goes WAY beyond what you can get from book learning, and will double the learning value of your next trip to the club.
We'll give insight after insight that will leave you reeling:

  • This seminar... YOUR seminar... will shatter your reality with the shocking proof that any man can get any woman.  Internalize this and SMOTHER THOUSANDS of insecurities, starving their air supply and forcing their death.
  • You'll unearth the sleazy truth behind what women talk about before they go out each night! (hint - it's much dirtier than you think it is!)
  • You'll inherit the secret keys to unlocking a woman's entire group of friends... transforming from scary obstacles determined to wreck your evening, into sex-mad allies intent on making your hook-up happen!
  • DELIVERED:  The hidden method to learning from OTHER people's talents... this mind-expanding truth will empower you to hook into the genius of others, and supercharge your own!  (hint- this results in the rapid acceleration of your social power).
  • DISCLOSED: The shocking story of Jeffy's debauched sexual vengeance wreaked across a whole group of friends when one girl questioned his ‘pick-up-lines.’
  • You'll find yourself slack-jawed with awe at this all-new analysis… and you’ll have your limiting beliefs destroyed when you hear how the original girl reacted when she discovered Jeffy’s debauched revenge (it's sexual and shocking).
  • REPORTED:  Jeffy's first EVER 'field report' from waaaaay back in the day! You’ll laugh at the story, and you’ll be inspired to evolve when you see how far Jeffy has come.
  • Hear the eye-watering story of Jeffy's SECOND time on the pull... and how he ‘fluked’ his way into a closet with a beautiful girl minutes after meeting her.  It’s a ‘fluke’ you can reproduce AT WILL in your own life.
  • You'll be given a roadmap for success BEYOND a load of tactics or a bunch of 'inner game moonshine.'  Instead, you get a visceral, step by step blitz, forcing you to 'master pimp level' as soon as is humanly possible.
  • You'll feel like you've got a GPS system installed in yours skull that actually feeds you directions in tightrope-tense situations... and ensures that you get any girl you want.
  • RSD In The Trenches: you'll be exposed to hardcore advice which isn't theory or guess-work, but a results-oriented PROVEN methodology that's worked for over 6000 ecstatic clients in live, club environments, ever since 2002.
  • REVEALED: RSD's new direction!  Realise how RSD is waging war on the social chains that have held men back for 30 or 40 years.  You'll get the passion and drive to smash through stumbling blocks and achieve true mastery with women!
  • You'll profit from RSD's open-minded ethos... we've distilled all available data onsocial, interpersonal, and sexual communication, boiled it down to the essence, and honed the delivery to supercharge your core charisma!
  • You'll learn how to navigate a sexual world where the divorce rate is 50%!  As social structures begin to crumble, you'll learn how to build yourself into a juggernaut of sexual magnetism... and exploit the chaos!
  • How to USE Real Social Dynamics to EMPOWER YOURSELF.  In viewing RSD as a vehicle for enlightenment, you'll connect to the deepest parts of your masculine nature, and unleash that inner animal women crave.
  • You’ll arrive to a whole new level of transcendent game where hot women fight each other for scraps of your attention - permanently!
  • You'll realise the awesome power of ideas – how just one idea can alter the course of world history… or YOUR life.  This insight will be seared across your brain, strengthening you and increasing your learning speed!
  • You'll be given a foolproof way to get yourself thinking "out of the box" and into the high-results, high impact zone where everything you say is pure gold!

If You're Interested In Generating Masses Of Attraction, You Can't Underestimate The Importance Of An Extreme 'Charisma Workout'

This FREE event will give you an opportunity to meet guys like yourself who're on the path you are on.  Guys who want to change their lives... and have the courage to do something about it.

Together, you'll experience an invaluable 'learning event' which will act on your personality the way an intense workout acts on your muscles...

...and you'll notice the difference immediately.

  • DISCOVER: How to avoid the trap set by your upbringing!  Once you've had your world-view shaken like this, you'll never end up alone, lost, or stuck in a loveless relationship!  (Instead, you'll have control of your future… right now!)
  • The one secret that will blast you above the millions of guys relentlessly trying… and failing… to take home stunning women.  Your magnetic presence will suck them toward you – whether you're trying or not!
  • You'll learn killer techniques given to RSD from it's own clients!  You'll benefit from RSD's 'humility-first' attitude to teaching with these nuggets of pure pickup gold.
  • The real truth behind the 'congruence test' – you'll hear live the exact body language, intonation and words to breeze past any curve-balls you get thrown when you're hitting home runs with a stunning girl.
  • You'll also discover the secret of turning a massive negative into a MASSIVE POSITIVE… on the spot!  This killer, 'jedi-mind-trick' technique lets you take massive insults in a way that actually INCREASES Attraction, letting you melt that beautiful ice queen into a dripping puddle of desire!
  • You'll get the hard-won battle-lessons of guys who's every waking thought… for YEARS… has been to simplify the process of getting hot girls – and simplify the process of LEARNING to get hot girls! (This 'double-whammy' will force you to scary new levels of sexual confidence)
  • You'll hear one of the core, secret, 'Blueprint-Breakthroughs' to true masculine power explained in depth.  All traces of neediness and creepiness will evaporate from you, making your interactions with even the hottest women chilled, sexy and cool.
  • You'll learn the secret to 'bringing the party' – a core RSD weapon which empowers you to make those 100% successful approaches which always grab her attention and rivet it onto you.
  • You'll see – live, for free – what the essence of non-reaction ACTUALLY means in practice.  Once you see this expert demonstration you'll never have ANY doubt again… especially when faced with extreme beauty.
  • EXPOSED: The mighty power of the 'Nimbus' – this riveting, esoteric concept will be broken down into instantly usable terms, allowing you to experience it's strange, irresistible power for the first time.
  • FULL DETAIL of the one threshold you need to reach to enter that "rapid, explosive improvement" phase.  Once you've clicked into this ONE mindset, your greatest 'sticking point' will shatter like a wine glass under a steamroller.
  • How an extreme 'tug-of-war-of-doom' taught Jeffy the secret to invulnerable endurance!  With this rock-solid core, your unimaginable success is only a matter of time!
  • Shocking examples of what is possible will SMASH your limiting beliefs into tiny particles.  You'll walk out at the end with your mind reeling at the endless sexual possibilities in even the quickest conversation with any hot chick!
  • You'll see the infamous 'CLAW' technique demonstrated LIVE by the very man who invented it.  After you witness this mind-bending spectacle, you'll be able to reduce the hottest, most inaccessible girl in the club to a drooling, clingy mess... in SECONDS!
  • You’ll EMBRACE YOUR TRUE SELF with a reframe tactic of such visceral power that it will permanently damage the inhibitions you have to being an attractive, assertive and dominant man.
  • You’ll be taught the revolutionary “Characteristics of the Successful.”  These simple, high-impact pointers which will accelerate you to total mastery over your social environment are spoon-fed to you... at absolutely ZERO COST.
  • You’ll acquire a few simple things that TRULY separate the guys who go home alone from the guys who ALWAYS get what they want… empowering you to get model-hot sex-kittens chasing you all night long.
  • You’ll gasp as never-before-heard pickup stories from Jeffy’s dark past deliver shocking new insights and breakthroughs, smashing you past plateaus and stasis to a new life of dynamic sexual abundance.
  • Learn the crucial ‘hidden-insider’ know-how to rapid advancement, learning all you need to know to blast past the killer pitfalls that await the unwary seducer.  Once you get this key info, your progress to pimpdom will race along on greased wheels.
  • You’ll discover that this FREE seminar is all about pimping your personality.  You get the tools to make the change to a genuine superstar with women… completely free of charge!
  • Once you discover that the scary, jedi-level abilities of the world-class pickup artists are not magic, but skill, you will realise that they are completely attainable.  That’s a switch that many take years to make – you get it INSTANTLY.

We're ALSO Delivering Our Best 'Charisma Dynamite' At Slashed Rates That Will Sicken And Amaze You!

We were racking our brains to work out a way to add value to this seminar.

For a while, we couldn't think of anything.

I mean, how do you add value to a FREE seminar, packed with value?

If it were any other time of year, we would have simply left it at that - a package with NO downside, NO risk, NO reason not to get on board.

This year will be huge for RSD.  With the launches of numerous, groundbreaking DVD programs each packed with  the power to destroy and remake the entire 'Dating Industry,' we wanted to give something back.

We wanted to give something back to all those who've supported us, to the loyalty of those who've opened their minds, and had their lives massively changed for the better.

We wanted to give something REAL, something TANGIBLE... and so we've decided that those who come to our seminars will be eligible for one-time-only slashed prices for our ENTIRE DVD AND CD RANGE.

That's right, every single person who shows up is going to get a big chunk of money OFF the going rate of ANY of our DVD or CD programs.

That's on top of the fact that the seminar itself is totally live, and totally free.

The value of seeing the controversial dating phenomenon that is Jeffy "Jlaix" Allen LIVE is that you'll be finally have that VIVID UNDERSTANDING that it's actually NO PROBLEM for an average looking guy to pull MODEL-HOT WOMEN.

You'll also get the irreplacable motivation of seeing LIVE, VISUAL PROOF that ANY GUY can go from 'rags to riches' with women... and get hot girls from a totally cold approach.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will give you the PRICELESS EVIDENCE you need to forge your dreams of sexual magnetism and masculine power into REALITY.

So DON'T WAIT on this.  Don't take any excuses from yourself.  Do what you KNOW is right for YOU, and MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

Book your place NOW.  Make the time.  DO WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Because it's RARE to find an opportunity to UNLEASH your sexual magnetism... for FREE.

The time for half-measures and talk is over.  This is the time for action.  This is the time to make the decision that will change your life forever.

So get ready to have a fantastic time, and get ready for an EPIPHANY OVERLOAD from Jeffy's real-life experiences.