Without a doubt, Jeffy brought it home. Although some may have heard his stuff before, watching him speak and be at ease with himself is something anyone can benefit from. Notice his subcoms—very relaxed and casual but has bursts of intent. He’s also really funny, like standup comedian funny. Parts of his speech were improv, and you can see the fundamentals of comedy at work throughout the talk. Jeffy also gives away some funny and useful material (one-liners, comebacks, and nifty sound bytes: “Your mom…in the ass”). But for me, the gems lie in his social commentary and overall life philosophy.

Don’t worry too much about the marketing; its there but it doesn’t detract from the experience. It doesn’t feel like they are selling anything. Jeffy isn’t going to sale-f-close your ass.

After the talk, I socialized a bit with a few old friends and met some new ones. Then we sarged each other, made a circle jerk, and prayed to the lords of RSD. I jest.

Good experience overall.

Oh yeah, this thing got me laid. ;)

After Jeffy blessed me with holy nimbus, I became super-saiyan. While walking to Plunge with friends I pulled a girl from the street and banged her.

Summa, NYC

Jeffy came in and got started. Within only a few minutes, his physiology changed. He no longer looked jet lagged or sick. He was on fire, in his element.



If you've never seen Jeffy speak, sign up for this thing before it's over. I would have driven several times as far for the value that I received from the workshop.

The "other" value that we received at the end of the seminar was pretty fucking sweet too.....

Jeffy hung around for a little bit and talked to some of the guys, answered questions. Totally awesome man, can't say it enough.

Everything was done very professionally, and the quality that we received was mind blowing. It was awesome to finally meet these guys.

I had a blast!

Tom, Austin, TX

Seeing Jeffy speak in person is truly an experience.

I have the Jeffy Show DVD's and have read his archive multiple times so when I finally saw him in person it was an honour and he is one of the best public speakers I have ever seen.

I had been waiting for a free workshop to happen in SF for months so when I finally saw it on the site I was amped.

I go to school at chico state and as soon as I got out of class I jumped in my car and drove down to SF for the free workshop. Its a 3 hr drive and I showed up about 20 minutes late at the hotel.

I was nervous as hell when I walked in. I looked to the front of the room and saw Jeffy in person. The guy really is a force of nature. I have never witnessed anyone with more intensity and presence than him.

I took notes the entire time and everything he said was worth writing down. I would provide a basic outline but the workshop is free and there is no excuse not to be there.

The entire room was in awe the entire time because of the intensity in the way he spoke and some of the stuff he said was truly inspiring. The content and delivery was priceless. Jeffy radiates an enormous amount of power and confidence and his level of knowledge and experience seemed infinite.

I feel very fortunate and grateful to have gotten the oppuirtunity to attend this workshop. thank you Jeffy.

twcrisp, San Francisco CA

It then starts. Jeffy says how although it's two hours, it will pass just like that, and it ends up being true. I spend the next two hours riveted and hanging off his every word, my friend and the whole room included. I have notoriously short concentration spans, but everything coming out of this guy's mouth is money, money, money. I've heard of most of these ideas before, having watched Foundations and most of Jeffy Show, but it's amazing to hear some of the things live, as they instantly embed themselves in your subconscious.

angelfire, london

It was interesting, even though I've seen Jeffy speak on screen before, this was a completely different experience. I had only gotten 5 hours of sleep the night before, and had class literally all day. But once the seminar started, it was like someone punched a syringe of epinephrine straight into my heart.

Eddie Murphy Raw is one of my favorite DVD's ever. I love watching it. Seen it at least 15 times. This experience was analagous to having Eddie Murphy doing that routine in an auditorium that only holds about 20 people. Just sick.

There was some offers for RSD programs, but absolutely no pressure to buy no pressure whatsoever. It was a pleasure meeting everyone there, and I exchanged some numbers.

Side-note: Jeffy's presence is comparable to that of a battleship that was genetically spliced with Shaq and a t-rex that is sponsored by Red Bull, except in personality format.

Dude would tell stories and answer questions, and we would ask more questions, and he would just finish what he was saying like it was a bee-bee flicking off of his battle armor. Then he would politely address the question afterwards to be nice. Strong like bull.

But it eventually got late, and we had to leave. As I was walking to the elevators with my friend, Jeffy who was ahead of us, turned around and waved...it was a scene that was not much unlike a mix of the end of the old sci-fi channel Incredible Hulk episodes and the mean joe green pepsi superbowl ad.

Thanks again Jeffy for an awesome time and enlightening experience.

asianeyes, phoenix, AZ

Alright guys, last night went to Jeffy's seminar in Philly.. went there already having watched Jeffy Show and Transformations so I wasn't going in expecting to learn anything new, but definitely did, as well as Jeffy really driving home some awesome points..

Some dope parts of the 2 hour seminar..

Got to meet Jeffy and Stuart, both mad legit guys, I know everyone has this idolized version of Jeff in your mind, and that was probably the coolest shit that I internalized from the seminar.. that jlaix isn't a fucking superhero, he's just a dude like me or you, we're all cut from the same cloth, the only difference is he is the social master and he gives himself permission to OWN life and not give a FUCK..

I don't know how much RSD wants to be given away so I will make this brief, but let me say that if Jeff is coming to an area near you, you really should make the time to go.. I definitly found it to be an awesome time-- and its FUCKING FREE-- only 2 hours of your time- GO!

Jeffy Free Tour far exceeded my expectations for it, shows how much RSD cares offering such an awesome event for FREE. Overall experience was just awesome.. can't recommend it enough..

Steve, Philadelphia PA

Jeffy walks in with a billowing cape-like wool coat. Somehow you know he's the man and the badass is here.

Jeffy then proceeds to give the 2 hour seminar. I think I really understood that RSD isn't about the money here. I could tell he did his best to pack in the most valuable material for his timeslot. There was no bullshit, cliffhanging, holding back secrets or marketing shit at all. He talked about the DVD products for like 5 minutes tops. RSD has real fucking integrity. Even given their good reputation I expected more marketing.

It was a really good seminar. No marketing information hold back gimmicks. He did his best to offer something complete in 2 hours.

Koolaid, Toronto ON

Three words: Hilarious as fuck . Dude should just be a stand up comedian. Amazing =)

Bruce, San Francisco CA

So I didn't really know what to expect with this whole event that RSD was putting up but I'm really glad I went.

So yeah, basically if you like RSD, like Jeffy, enjoy his writing style, enjoy being entertained, or HAVE ANY QUESTION ABOUT YOUR

PERSONAL GAME, then YOU should attend this event.

Imagine having someone at your disposal for TWO HOURS that people usually pay thousands of dollars to get advice from. That's basically

what you're getting, so once again, I highly recommend it. I don't think there was anybody at the Phoenix event that didn't get their questions answered.

I had a great time and so did my roommate, and we both laughed our asses off. Thanks for coming to Phoenix/Butt Fucking Egypt-Mesa Jeffy!

Will, Phoenix

I thought the event was really cool. It was about 2 hours of seminar, full of content and hilarious stories. I asked a question about Day 2’s and my issues with pulling and he went into a long explanation about no excuses and just doing it and pretty much told me to stop being a pussy, which is what I needed. But that’s what I liked about the event, because it’s a small intimate group and everyone got their questions answered. He definitely gives you no-bullshit advice, no happy feel good shit. So, if you want to learn a few things and meet some cool people, go check out the event.

Thanks Jeffy!

Mike, Phoenix

It was awesome. He hit on some really good stuff. He opened the floor for tons of questions. Any chance you can see Jeffy speak is something you would have to be retarded not to go to. Do youself a favor and go see Jeff if he comes into your town. Thanks Jeff!!

tweezer, Washington DC